How To Make A Cookie Bouquet

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I love making bouquets. There are so many different types you can make… Posies, wedding bouquets, candy bouquets, fruit bouquets and more.

One type of bouquet that I recently started making, is a cookie bouquet…

A cookie bouquet is a bouquet made with cookies, and leaves. They are very fun, and quite easy to make. This article shows how to make a cookie bouquet in 5 easy steps…

You will need:
- 9 Chocolate chip cookies
- 2 Bunches of floristry wire
- Cellophane
- Stem-tape
- Leaves

** Step 1: Wire and tape the leaves **

Wire and tape the leaves…

Wire the leaf by pushing the wire through the silk part of the leaf, behind the stem, loop it around, and then go back through the leaf, and down to the wire.

Then stem tape the wire by holding the wire in one hand, and wrapping (and stretching), the stem tape with the other hand. Make sure to tape right up to the leaf.

** Step 2: Prepare cookies **

Cut the cellophane into 9 squares. Make sure the squares are large enough to fit a cookie.

Wrap the cookies in the cellophane, and then twist the end of the cellophane.

Now wire and tape the cellophane, and snip off any excess cellophane.

** Step 3: Fan the cookies **

Hold the cookies in a bunch in one hand. Then fan the cookies out slightly, to leave spaces for the leaves…

** Step 4: Fill in with leaves **

Start to place your leaves in between the cookies. Fan the leaves out to make a circular shape. Then squeeze the bouquet together. If you have any gaps left then you can fill them in with more leaves.

** Step 5: Prepare the handle **

Neaten the ends of the wires in the handle by trimming them with cutters.

Then stem-tape the handle, and add ribbon trailers if you wish.

That’s it! You’ll find any candy bouquets you make are instant hits with anyone that sees them. People just seem to LOVE cookie bouquets!


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